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Father's Day Results

Thanks to all the members and guests who participated in, and supported the Father's Day Tournament this past Saturday, sponsored by the Garnett Country Club Board.  Congratulations to Ray Beckman on winning the 28 inch Blackstone Griddle in the raffle.  Tournament winners are listed below. 


A Flight

1st Place- 58 Justin Crum, Chase Martin, Doug Erhart, Dave Freeman

2nd Place- 59 Jack Rickabaugh, Scott Munk, Ryan Munk, Jarod Munk

3rd Place- 59 Frank Martin, Ryan Martin, Josh Martin, Reese Jarrett


B Flight

1st Place- 62 Jerry Robertson, Jerry Robertson Jr., Ken Robertson, Tom Robertson

2nd Place- 63 Kirby Barnes, Mike Barnes, Matt Foltz, Jason Foltz

3rd Place- 64 Jerry Howarter, Matt Howarter, Jaime Howarter, Mark Howarter

C Flight

1st Place- 67 Marshall Neinstedt, Richard Neinstedt, Matt Self, Jim Self

2nd Place- 67 Eric Tastove, Robert Tastove, Pat Tastove, Mark Mersman

3rd Place- 67 Devin Katzer, Jason Katzer, Justin Rockers, Bob Rockers

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